Being away from your loved ones even for a moment can be a disturbing situation. Your mind always thinks about them every second that ticks off. And, until you make a call to them, you will keep wondering if all is well with them or not. Calling home from abroad can be cheap and fast if you know the smart thing to do.

Calling Home: Options to Choose From

As communication technology continues to soar and advance, you can now find cheaper and faster ways to speak to those you left at home. A couple of options have proven desirable in terms of cost and speed. Some of these options include the following:

Vonage Digital Card

According to the Vonage adverts, you can connect with your loved ones at home economically using Vonage digital calling card. The benefits that come with this option include the following:

• Calling rate per minute to several popular destinations in the world is low

• Monthly fees are not applicable

• Charges are made only to the minute used

• Calling over Vonage network is reliable

• The service is devoid of connection fees, gimmicks, minimum charges or hidden fees

• You can call both mobile and landline phones

• Call quality is guaranteed at all times

To get the service, visit

How Does it Work?

First, you need to sign up or register for Vonage international digital calling card. Subsequently, you will validate your phone number and commence international calls instantly.

Calling Card

Although calling cards are applicable to domestic phone calls, you will find them most useful when international and distant calls are involved, especially when calling home from abroad.

Places you can purchase the calling cards include the following:

• Online
• Gas stations
• Supermarkets
• Convenience stores
• Airport terminals

Save money when calling home by leveraging these and other options to make cheap international calls.