48. Clevaland, Ohio: Quick guide to City’s top 5 things to do

This rock and roll capital of the world is also the most populous city in the State.  City of Cleveland is home to great nature trails, scenic nature and culinary variety.

Emerald Necklace: This is a place for trail and bike lovers in particular, and nature lovers in general.

Playhouse Square: 9 performance spaces, non-stop entertainment and variety of selections – need more reasons?

Sandusky & Lake Erie Islands: Few miles drive from the city but totally worth it for its variety of options.

West side market: Food lover’s dream comes true at this 100 vendor ethnic dish out place.

Velvet dog: Party lovers – go crazy!

Site we have for you for Cleveland is PositivelyCleveland.

49. Wichita, Kansas: Quick guide to City’s top 5 things to do

This is the largest city in the Kansas State and quite obviously one of the most populous.  Bull ride themes, great cigars, nature trails and lot of clear sky makes trip to this city pleasant.

  • Starlite Drive-in theater: They say “to each his own”, in spite of many museums and educational centers – we chose this drive-in because it’s a different and it’s an inexpensive way ($12 per car) to entertain your whole family.  Carry cash.
  • Mosley Street Melodrama: Let’s pick something offbeat. Let’s pick something that keeps things fresh and let’s pick something that serves good food too – so let’s pick Mosley.
  • Arkansas River trail: Photographers and nature lovers are you reading?
  • Sedgwick Zoo:  This is the spot we chose for the kids attraction in this city.  Be the judge by experiencing the wild life on display.kansas-1166902-m
  • Morts: After a day full of events, unwind at this ‘famous for martinis and cigars’ place of Wichita.

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City Guide – Quick guide to top 50 City’s top 5 things to do

In this series, we present to you what you CANNOT miss out if you happen to live in or visit one of these cities.  The cities have been chosen based on population and we will give you a quick guide to top 5 things to do in each of these 50 cities.

We will ensure to cover at least one spot that kids will love and one for adults to unwind.  We will also provide one website that we recommend for more information on the city (no affiliations).

Some of these cities offer 100s of attractions but for the purpose of this series we will only look at the top 5, in no particular order, in our view.

Let’s begin the journey.

50. Arlington, Texas: Quick guide to City’s top 5 things to do

Arlington is the 50th most populous city in US, and without a public transit system.  It is one of the big cities in the State of Texas.  There are many things that keep the high populous entertained and amused but since we chose to restrict ourselves to 5, let’s see what those 5 things you can do if you are living in or visiting Arlington in no particular order.

  • Six flags over Texas:  Twists, turns, thrill rides and yes, lots and lots of screaming – what else can you ask for?
  • College park center:  Don’t forget to check out CPC – you maybe a witness to an amazing game or a concert and not to mention the food.
  • self-portrait-102132-sAlley cats: If you have kids with you or if you want to entertain the kid in you then this is the place to go to.
  • Southlake Town Square: Shopping, eating and movie time, and it’s all here in one place.
  • Hooligan’s pub:  It is time to leave the kids with guardians for the night and go unwind yourself at this Arlington’s famous pub.

Here is a site we recommend for other information related to the city: Arlington. Look for coupons from Groupon
http://www.groupon.com or Living social deals @ https://www.livingsocial.com/‎   for discounts.