49. Wichita, Kansas: Quick guide to City’s top 5 things to do

This is the largest city in the Kansas State and quite obviously one of the most populous.  Bull ride themes, great cigars, nature trails and lot of clear sky makes trip to this city pleasant.

  • Starlite Drive-in theater: They say “to each his own”, in spite of many museums and educational centers – we chose this drive-in because it’s a different and it’s an inexpensive way ($12 per car) to entertain your whole family.  Carry cash.
  • Mosley Street Melodrama: Let’s pick something offbeat. Let’s pick something that keeps things fresh and let’s pick something that serves good food too – so let’s pick Mosley.
  • Arkansas River trail: Photographers and nature lovers are you reading?
  • Sedgwick Zoo:  This is the spot we chose for the kids attraction in this city.  Be the judge by experiencing the wild life on display.kansas-1166902-m
  • Morts: After a day full of events, unwind at this ‘famous for martinis and cigars’ place of Wichita.

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