What You Need to know for Bringing Dependents (Relatives) to the US

Staying away from family such as spouse and kids can be a difficult situation, especially when it is an extended stay. Joy would surely swell inside of you at the mere thought of bringing your family to join you in the US. However, bringing dependents to the US comes with some requirements. Therefore, you need to consider those requirements and other factors before bringing your family to join you.

So, before you raise their hope of seeing you again, consider the following:

Are Your Funds Sufficient to Cater for Your Family?

If you can barely survive alone, do not consider bringing your family over. Take a look at the minimal cost required for dependents:

• Per kid: $2,500
• Spouse: $4,500

The US authority will verify your ability to cater for your dependents before they can be granted visa to come over. Therefore, you will be requested to present an evidence of sufficient financial support. According to the US immigration law, if you are a foreign national migrating to the United States, you must show evidence of financial capacity or sponsorship. This way, you will not become a “public charge”.

Bear this in mind: You will likely mortgage your non-immigrant status when you or your dependents receive public benefits – e.g. subsidized federal housing, food stamps, MediCaid and other federal or state public benefits. Worst of all, in the future, you may not be granted entry into the United States.

Can You Afford Medical Care?

Also, before bringing dependents to the US, you should consider the cost of medical care in the US. You certainly wouldn’t want to jeopardize the health of your family members because of insufficient funds. Therefore, you must buy a medical insurance which usually doesn’t come cheap.

You should also consider other factors such as housing, childcare and school. So, weigh all the factors carefully before asking your family to join you in the US.