If you have just migrated into the country, you certainly do not have any credit history to your name yet. As a result, getting approval for a credit card will pose a big challenge. And, you can only get a credit history (credit score) if you have nothing less than one active account for 6 months on your credit report.

But, not to worry, getting a credit card without a credit history is possible. Some of the credit card companies are aware of the hassles that new immigrants go through to obtain a credit card. Therefore, they have designed credit cards that would work for individuals without credit.

Here are top tips that would enhance your chances of getting a credit card without a credit history.

Get a Job as Soon as Possible

If you are an immigrant, your first concern as soon as you arrive is to find a job. You need steady income in order to fund your credit card balance. You are not allowed to use another person’s income info (whether your parents, spouse, friend or relatives) to fill out the credit card application form. So, you need a job immediatly or other legal means of earning income in order to qualify for a credit card.

Credit Card Pre-Qualification Could be Helpful

The renowned credit card companies offer online pre-qualification that reveals whether an available credit card matches your credit profile. This option is somewhat known as soft credit checks. In essence, your credit score won’t be affected. Also, when someone performs a search on your report, the soft credit checks will not appear on your credit report. However, pre-qualification does not guarantee a credit card approval.

Also, other ways you can get a credit card without credit history include the following:

• Consider getting a student credit card – this applies only to students

• Consider a secured credit card – this is a typical alternative to the traditional credit cards.

• Get a co-signer

• Apply for a store credit card