Dinner table and office etiquette helps you to be respected by those people around you. If you are a foreigner, you need to know how you are supposed to conduct yourself in the midst of your workmates, family and friends. Understanding these etiquette rules will make people respect you and feel free to interact with you.

At the dinner table, you are expected to be courteous at all times. Bad habits like talking with food in your mouth are looked down upon. It is also considered very rude if you season your food before tasting it. If you have any dietary restrictions, it is always polite if you let your host know beforehand. Simple things like holding food on the fork and waving it as you talk can appear very rude.

Photo by: Tinneketin

1170314_dinner_invitation_2It is also pleasant if you eat your food in small and manageable bites. Do not make any sounds while eating at the dinner table. Burping and loud eating noises are completely unacceptable. You need to eat slowly so that you do not finish when the other guests are not even half way done. Eating after everyone else has cleared their plate can also appear impolite.

When it comes to the office, you must maintain proper manners if you want to make a good lasting impression. Refrain from chewing gum in front of your workmates and in the presence of clients. You also need to wear the right attire to the office. Your footwear should not appear too casual. If you have any piercings and tattoos, choose office wear which covers them appropriately. What you wear will somehow reflect the level of respect you have for your job.

 Cleanliness is important so make sure you always look neat and use the right deodorant to prevent body odors. Your work area should remain neat and clean at all times. Everyone in the office needs to be respected. This includes the cleaners as well as your fellow co-workers.

When in a meeting, avoid interrupting people when they are speaking. Make sure you always attend office meetings in good time and apologize for being late. It is also respectful to excuse yourself if you will not be able to attend a meeting.

If you interrupt anyone who is concentrating on their job, it is respectful to apologize. It is also important for you to show gratitude if someone extends a helping hand. Learn to say sorry, please and thank you and you will get along with others at your workplace. Avoid the fancy ringtones in the office environment. Do not be very loud when communicating to people in the office.

These etiquette rules must also be applied in the office kitchen. It is important to clean up after yourself. If you use any facility in the kitchen, make sure you leave it clean and tidy. The same case applies to the washrooms and other areas within the office. You need to treat your office like your second home since it’s a place you will be spending the most part of your days.