It’s time to turn from international money transfer to US.  Yes, let’s talk about how to send money in USA.  It may be surprising but transferring money within US is a bit expensive than transferring money to foreign locations.  One reason is the money transfer agents do not get any ‘cut’ in the exchange rate commissions, so they charge the money from the customer for their service.

Having said that, our goal in this article is to provide you with some good options to send money to your loved ones within US.

RIA Money Transfer:

Let’s start with a winner in more than one category.  RIA – talk about instant money transfer (15 minutes) for $0.  Yes, you read that right – $0 in fees.  They offer bank deposit in 4 business days and also $0 in fees. I was thoroughly surprised to see that fees, especially for transfers within US.  Of course, they are first on our list.

Western Union Money Transfer:

Bank to Bank, Bank to cash-pickup, Debit/credit card to bank or cash pick up – you choose.  So many options all with varying fees and an awesome range of ‘availability’ makes Western next on our list.  Oh, yes the money transfer limit is about $50,000 – if you are looking to transfer that kind of money. For more info, check

Walmart to Walmart:

This giant in ‘everything’ now sets its foot in money transfer and if you are looking to send only up to $900, they are giant in this business too.  Store to store transfer is only $9.50 (and lower fees for lower amounts).  With their wide network of stores around the nation – your loved ones are never too far from picking cash from one of their stores.  It takes about 10 minutes for the transfer to happen.


In the event you are far away from Western Union or Walmart – your best bet is to use MoneyGram.  Their fees is in line with Western Union and they have cash pick up and bank deposit options with cash pickup available in 10 minutes. For more details, check