One of the perks of working in US is the ability to send money to the loved ones back in India.  For sending the money you want to be sure that you are getting:

i) Safe transaction assurance

ii) Good exchange rate

iii) Avoid unnecessary fees or hidden fee

iv) Ease of access to money by recipient in India

send money to india

Keeping the above features in mind, let’s look at the options you have to send the money to India.

Online Money transfer:

Sending money using an online remittance service is both convenient and easy.  Two of the below mentioned options actually let you send cash (and thus do not need you to have a bank account in US) – especially useful when you are working on campus and are dealing in cash rather than bank transfers – these are identified with ($) sign.


Xoom has become an instant attention grabber with its salient features including: No fees on transactions over $1000, 24 hour money transfer (Instant transfer if you have Punjab National Bank or HDFC account in India with no block-out days), locked in exchange rate and ease of transferring money from your US bank account.  You can even use your credit card to transfer money with modest fees.

Bank deposits to India within 24 hours.

MoneyGram ($):

Until I switched to Xoom, Moneygram has been my favorite.  Even to this day – if I want money to be picked by a friend in an instant – I use Moneygram. Their fees is higher when you use your credit/debit card for instant transfer but their exchange rate is usually higher by about 30 paise to 50 paise from others – which typically covers most of the fees.  Still continues to be on my favorite usage list.  Offers cash to online remittance through one of their convenient locations.

ICICI Money2India:

When it comes to big bucks and transferring big bucks safely – I trust ICICI’s Money2India.  Unless you use their express or power transfer – it usually takes about 5 business days.  Recently they have introduced locked in exchange rates so it doesn’t bother me when the money reaches into account as I know the amount received in India before I complete the transaction.


An initiative of Times of India group, Remit2India is a favorite of many NRIs. It offers remittances from $50 to $50,000+ with in person delivery of bank demand draft to your recipient if they are outside the ‘bank network’ of their group.  You can even have the bank demand draft deposited into the recipient’s account.  Recipient does not have to do anything – Remit2India arranges all these logistics.

WesternUnion Money Transfer ($):

One of the iconic money transfer service.  It would have been on the top of the list if not for other services offering better deals.  Having said that – WU still stands to be one of the most preferred money transfer service due to its vast network around the globe.  Your recipient will find it easier to spot a western union nearby.

Consider the brief comparison of all these services below:

There are other services like SBI, HSBC, etc also offer money transfer services but this article has been deliberately limited to the services we personally used and found to be comparatively better than those that we skipped.  For a detailed comparison of other banks/services – please visit:

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