While in school, students only keep part-time jobs, which would not allow them obtain medical insurance affordable. Also, certain conditions make it difficult for certain class of people to get certain types of insurance.

A typical example is a driver who is still pursuing academic studies. This could pose a challenge in finding decently priced auto insurance policy. But, not to worry, student insurance in the US has been put in place to help scholars obtain insurance affordably compared to typical adult insurance coverage.

Definitely, student insurance comes in basic form. Specifically, student health insurance offers limited coverage, usually applicable to serious illnesses or emergencies. On the other hand, student driver insurance offers more extensive coverage just like typical adult plans.

However, students still choose to settle for a basic minimum liability option pending when they can afford something more extensive.

What You Need to Know about Student Insurance in the US

As noted earlier, student health insurance is generally less expensive compared to individual plan option or footing medical bills from the pocket. However, the coverage is usually very basic considering the price involved. For instance, there are not many student health insurance plans that cover preventive medical care.

In essence, you will foot the bills from your pocket when you visit the doctor for wellness checkup. Also, the basic medical insurance plans that typically characterize student insurance in the US do not cover pregnancy appointments. And, where it is provided, the premium is usually higher.

The medical care aspects covered by the basic plans include the following:

• Prescription mediation
• Hospital visits
• X-rays
• Emergency dental care

What is Applicable to International Students?

The same student insurance plans described above are applicable to international students. These are people coming to study in the US from their home countries. However, there is an international student insurance plan for this category of students.