What do you need to buy a HOUSE ?

A lot of people are dreaming of living in the US, it is often called the American Dream! It doesn’t just stop there as most people go a step further to dream about owning a beautiful home in the United States. However, there are certain questions that cross an immigrant’s mind when it comes to buying a house in the USA.

Can Immigrants Buy House in the USA?

A lot of people who are considering moving to the United States are not sure if a foreigner is allowed to own a house in the US. Here’s the good news; you can become a house owner in the United States, at least from a legal point of view. However in practical terms, it doesn’t always come that easy.

Generally, whether you can buy a home or not as a foreigner in the country depends on certain legal factors. Typically, if you migrated legally, you can buy a house in the United States. But, illegal immigrants are not allowed to buy houses. Perhaps you know some illegal immigrants who own houses in the country.

It simply means there could be a way to get around the law. It is important to also add this quickly; even if you are not a citizen and does not reside in the country, you may acquire a house in the US.

Buying a House in the USA: How it Works

The most important consideration for an immigrant when it comes to buying a house in the USA is the possibility of getting loan for the purchase. If you have just moved into the country, you need to build a reputable credit history to enable you obtain mortgage. Your credit history in your previous country no matter how flawless, will not be acceptable in the United States.

So, what steps should an immigrant take in order to buy a property in the USA? The first and most important step is to build your credit history. Start doing this as soon as step into the country.