Getting a Phone without An SSN: Tips for Immigrants & International Students

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If you have just migrated to the United States for studies or to find a greener pasture, you will definitely experience stress in getting around certain things. One of such hassles is getting a phone without a SSN (Social Security Number). This can be very frustrating since you cannot make any voice call in the meantime.

Is there any option to bail you out while waiting for a social security number? Sure, keep reading to find what options are available.

When thinking about the possibility of getting phone without SSN, the following tips are helpful;

Tip 1: Go for a Prepaid Phone Service

A prepaid phone service plan will work for international students or other immigrants. Alternatively, you can pay a security deposit. You can also take advantage of a local AT&T to obtain a security which is exchanged for a security deposit, and the contract could be as long as one year.

Tip 2: Participate in a Group Plan

One of the ways to overcome the difficulty involved in getting a phone without SSN is to join a group plan. This option is common among students. You will see a group of students flocking together and leveraging family plans. At least, it will enable you to make voice calls, plus the low charges that come with the plan.

The family plan pays better. However, finding individuals to band with is another challenge. But, it is not as hard as you think. Just brace up and ask your friends or someone you know. You will likely come across people who are also looking for individuals to band with.

While these two major ways of getting a phone without an SSN are popular, you may still find other ways out. Ask around, especially from old students, friends or colleagues.